Why choose Nailcissist?

Our 3D luxury press-on nails are handmade and designed for the bold and expressive. At Nailcissist, there are no basic sets! We specialise in high-quality nails made with complex designs - for those who love it extra.

Affordable: Our press-ons provide an affordable alternative to salon acrylics, allowing you to achieve complex designs without breaking the bank.

Convenient: Achieve instant manicures anywhere and anytime with a 10-minute application.

Damage-free: With proper use, press-ons are damage-free in contrast to salon acrylics which involves the use of chemicals or drills directly on your nails. 

Reusable: Select between short-term wear (using sticky tabs) or long-term wear (using nail glue). Every press-on nail set purchased comes with a complimentary tool kit.


How long do our press-ons last for each wear?

Temporary wear: 1 – 3 days (using sticky tabs)

Long-term wear: 1 – 3 weeks (using nail glue)

Note that these estimates can vary depending on individual lifestyle factors and whether the correct technique was used during application.


How do I apply and remove press-ons?


Step 1: Prep your nails using the cuticle tool, nail file and alcohol wipe (provided in our complimentary tool kit)

Step 2: Apply your choice of adhesive

Step 3: Apply our press-ons


Step 1: Soak nails for 10-15 minutes in a bowl of hot water, soap and oil

Step 2: Gently remove press-ons with the cuticle tool (provided in our complimentary tool kit)

Full instructions guide provided with every order.